Jesus has come to be forsaken by God, so worship him as the Son of God (Mark 15:33–39)

It is high noon, and an execution is taking place. The Middle Eastern sun has beaten down on three criminals being crucified by the Roman empire. But now, a mysterious gloom covers the land, and for three hours, Jesus suffers alone in the darkness.

Eloi! Eloi! lema sabachthani?” Jesus’ words have burned themselves into Mark’s heart, and he records them in the original Aramaic. For our benefit, he translates them: “My God! my God! why have you forsaken me?” It is three o’clock in the afternoon, and Jesus has been nailed to a cross for six hours. Normally, the victims of crucifixion last much longer than this. But Jesus is about to die, and he knows that God has chosen not to save him.

His body is dying from the physical abuse it has suffered, but his spirit is being killed far more quickly because he knows his Father is crushing him (Isaiah 53:10). His ravaged mind grasps for the words to describe his agony, and finds them in the Psalms. His ancestor David had cried to the Lord:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me,
from the words of my groaning?
O my God, I cry by day, but you do not answer,
and by night, but I find no rest. (Psalm 22:1–2)

As the day has worn on, and an unearthly night has settled on the land, Jesus cries out to his Father but finds no rest. His own people have betrayed him into the hands of their Gentile overlords, who have crucified him. His closest friends have abandoned him, denied him, betrayed him. Priests and criminals have reviled him. And now Jesus knows that God himself has forsaken his Servant. He is alone.

His cry is so mangled that a bystander mistakes the tortured Eloi for Elijah. He remembers a Jewish tradition that the prophet Elijah is available to rescue righteous people in need. Seeing that Jesus is dying rapidly, the bystander offers him a sponge soaked in sour wine to keep him alive a little longer. “Wait, let us see whether Elijah will come to take him down,” this person says. Perhaps God will show his love and favour by sending Elijah to rescue this suffering man.

Elijah never comes.

And finally, Mark records, “Jesus uttered a loud cry and breathed his last.” His strength doesn’t ebb away; he doesn’t slowly lapse into unconsciousness. Unlike any other crucified man, Jesus dies with a loud scream of agony. He is not defeated by Rome; he dies with strength remaining in his broken body.

On the Temple Mount, one of the great curtains of the temple is torn in two, from top to bottom, by a supernatural hand. This curtain has barred God’s people from accessing his throne room, the holy inner rooms of the temple. Now, the way is opened through the death of Jesus.

At Golgotha, a Roman centurion stands facing the dead body of Jesus. He has stood guard over many crucifixions, but he has never seen anything like this one. He sees that Jesus has died like no other man, and in fear he says, “Truly this man was the Son of God.”

Jesus is dead. His enemies have gotten rid of him at last. He has been despised and rejected by everyone around him, and forsaken by God himself. But now, for the first time, a human being has declared that Jesus is the Son of God.

This Roman centurion, an outsider, understands what Jesus’ followers never could. “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant,” Jesus had said, “and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” And then he said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:43–45).

Jesus has been forsaken by God, but this doesn’t mean that he is a worthless failure. On the contrary, his willingness to do his Father’s will and “give his life as a ransom for many” proves that he truly is the greatest man in all of history—and not just a man, but the divine Son of God.

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  1. The Lord has Come! 8/28/2012 (Part 1)

    For The Glorification of the One , and Only True God, Father of all. I offer, Peace, and Truth, unto those of you who are able to receive this Good News, as Adopted Sons, cleansed through the Precious Blood of Our lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

    I Have sat down, out of my life. I asked for Wisdom, I give to those who also seek the Truth, what I have come to understand.

    This is not a teaching tool, this is My Testimony of My Adoration for My Father. My Praise of Thankfulness, and Well speaking. Written by one who has Come into The Truth,… Wearied from living an existence without The Truth.

    I write these things down that we may have Joy together at this hour.

    For those who have Understanding, that we are Spiritual beings, that we are Of and From a Spiritual Father, who hath Revealed The Spiritual Kingdom “Inwardly”.

    A Spiritual Seed has been sown into Our hearts. This Seed, or message has Revealed, that our Root was , and is, from the Beginning; This CONSUMMATION of Light, and Spiritual Truth, that shall bear in Our Minds, the Fruit of Knowledge, and Wisdom, regarding our True Nature within us; and is indeed,… a REVELATION,… of what we are able to bring forth!

    May this most “Intimate offering of Reconciliation“… that is, “Our Reward of Peace,” be the Fruit that enables those who have believed, to Bear together again, through “Charity of Mind,” in the True Likeness of The Father, and Live as One.

    Therefore, the Truth be in us. This is the “Treasure,” of which we Cherish. This is the Spiritual Water, of which we carry within Our Hearts, to give unto all of those who may still “Thirst after the Truth.”

    The Truth IS,… Jesus has come! We also,… have arrived with him,… into the Baptism of his Death, and burial!

    John:12:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

    The light of his Coming, is a message of Deliverance,… and yet, this has been a “Blindness” for many,… Moreover has delayed their Understanding,… until the “Full Measure“,… of all of those Predestined to be “Called Forth“,… are Made First,… to Understand,… Unto being RESURRECTED!

    For This Lighted message,… Was, and Is not,… merely a vehicle, for to arrive, and remain within a physical kingdom,… as its subjects, but rather, that we receive the message unto our hearts, … Grow up and receive the Full measure of the kingdom “Inwardly!” The “Reopening of Our Eyes!“

    In This Way we are , to receive The Kingdom,… “Magnified!,…“Enlarged,… as Jesus is Enlarged,…
    We are to Dress Ourselves willingly, through the wisdom of The “Holy Spirit,…thus we shall be lifted up in Our Minds, and find that we are,…no longer,… merely subjects of the kingdom,… but made “One“,… as “One of Sound Mind“,… even “The head of the kingdom!”

    For to have been give the ‘Mind of The Father‘,… is the Sons inheritance!

    We know that The Provision for Life has been brought forth in his own body, and Paid for by The Sacrifice of The Son.
    The Son, Who came in The image of The Father, is therefore The Garment of Creation.

    Presently, we are merely “Constituent Subjects“ within a Greater Body of Spiritual Being! Those who have sat down with The Host To Know Him, have been ‘Made Alive’ within this Understanding.

    Therefore We are at Rest.

    However ,…A GREAT MANY others, remain Spiritually Dead, for they are TOO BUSY , examining the, “Garment, of The Father.” A Great many, have sought, to use this “Provision” for their own Prosperity, and divisiveness.

    They have sought to turn, “The Event of The Cross” into an opportunity for “Enterprise“, as they divide up this,…“The Garment of his Flesh“,… for selfish,…“Worldly Gain!” But “we,… are not satisfied with momentary wealth that “Fades,…we desire to know “The Wearer of this Garment!”

    Therefore we shall not only “Know” The Father, but we shall be “Consummated” in Spiritual Awareness”, to become,… “One,… Indivisible! For the Son and The Father are,… One!

    Spirit bears no distinction, One is all,… and all are One! But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

    The Procreation of Understanding, through Wisdom, Enlarges, and Lifts up Ones “Spiritual Awareness” regarding their “Present Surroundings”.

    The Light of his “Appearing, is a Sprout of a Hope for some,… but “Greatly Evident” for a few who have, “Walked a little further in their “Awareness” of his light than others. “For Unto us was the Gospel preached, as well as Unto them: but the Word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.”

    Many Say,… they Have Faith,… However,… Faith is,… UNDERSTANDING,… What The Father has Spoken!

    The Father, has allowed “The Veil Darkness” to have “Dominion” over a Great Many, for the Purpose of his Revealing; For there are, a set number of persons that shall be called forth out of his body,… that shall be made subject unto his purpose. This Congregation or Crowd Gathering is known as “The Great Tribulation.”

    We Are, the culminating, Generation; of All who would Be “Called forth,” and be made manifest as that which “Describes God.” We are,… The Physical Constituency”… of The Son; We are, the bodily being, of “The Son“, who is,…“The Image,” of what The Father,… Was,… and Is,… and Is still to come, as we are brought forth in this Proclamation!

    This “Veil” has Come upon us in “‘A Manifold Way,” (Paradoxos, Paradox) meaning ,… “Something Extraordinary,… Absurd,…for the unspiritual mind,… therefore,… Contrary to their Expectation!” (Hosea:12:10) God has Revealed his Invisible hidden Qualities as Similitude’s.

    To be “Extant” that is to “Exist”,… is to live unto, and “Under the Law.“ We therefore, were “Put to Death” with him,… ‘In Our Appearance, within his body!” Therefore we have been put, Utterly to Death since the beginning!

    Faith is Understanding,… that we are to Rise up in Wisdom, as we are Conformed in Our Minds with Holy Spiritual awareness: thus we receive, within ourselves The Ability to “Perceive,” his Presence!

    Therefore in this New State of Awareness we see him as he is, while those still Blind do not.

    The expression is true,… “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?”

    Therefore “See,” that Jesus has been Crucified since the beginning, for our sins,… and therefore Death has reigned, according to our “Appearance” within his body.

    For by One, act of Faithful obedience unto The Fathers desire of “Revelation,” the son Spake,… “I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.”

    For it was, Unto his death, that he has lead us out. It was through his Death that we have our,… “First Footsteps,” together with him in “Living consciousness.“ It shall be in The Spirit, that he has Given unto Those who would receive it, the ability to choose life again in him. Therefore this “Infirmity,” is not unto what “Appears to be Death,… but rather unto life Eternal!

    “By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

    “Nevertheless “Death reigned” from Adam to Moses, even “over them” that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the “Figure” of him that was to come.”

    The Words in,.. “quotations” are The keys to Understanding, even The Key to perceiving through The Veil!

    The phrase,… “DEATH REIGNED“,… meaning…, The Creation , We have come to, Know, even our First living experience is,… Jesus Christ “REIGNING OVER US!” We have been brought together with him into this,…his “Body of Death!

    By the Fathers Revelation of What is eternally True within his being,… that is, everything Created outside of his Spiritual Rest, would be subjected to All Spiritual Separation of Mind, and thus would believe Itself, to be in Jeopardy of Death!

    Therefore the Prescription was in Effect before the Prognostication was Spoken. The Message was sent to at first Wound us, and at the Same Time to heal us from this Infirmity of Mind!

    The Deliverance of Our Healing is dependant upon,… The interval of time necessary to deliver us from “Our depth Infatuation, and Intoxication.” Many prefer,… To Wallow, within “The Strong Drink” they have come to know!

    I Tell you a Truth,… This INTERVAL of TIME, will certainly require,… Years,…Perhaps a Lifetime,…LEST,… MANY LIFETIMES MAY BE REQUIRED! TURN and KNOW THYSELF!

    There is No Rest,… for those, Who have no “Reference of Mind“ regarding from,…WHENCE THEY COME!

    A Dark Minded Spirit,…like “A Raven in The Wind,… Without a Point of Reference above The Stormy Sea. Unable to seek out Shelter,… Even a “Spot” of Dry Ground, upon which to Rest!

    JESUS,… HIS SACRIFICED SON ,…A Body prepared since Before the Beginning. A Prescription written and answered by his own hand. For when he “Appeared“,… he gave over his own body,… that through this existence he may MEET and answer in himself for the Infirmity that was Upon us.

    We are therefore made subject, unto a Body that,… “Appears to be life,”… at first glance,.. but after closer inspection,… the STEADY GAZE of Death is STARING back upon us. “A Living Sacrifice! A Greater body of Being,… Both,… “Alive and Dead“, …depending upon your “Spiritual Awareness” therein your Mind!

    Therefore the child born into this Kingdom is both Blessed with the calling to Life,…and yet accursed,… for he must now perish. A Double Edged Sword, Even The Word of God,…that with “One Felled Blow,…Two kingdoms existed.

    The kingdom of The Spirit, from whence we have Our beginnings,…

    The Other, A kingdom of Light, is of the Flesh, That lead us unto Death,… for the Law states That Our very “Appearance” herein This Physical Body of “SIN” is Death! For we have bee n Blinded, and perishing due to Our lack of Understanding!

    The Fruit of The Tree,…is nourished by The Branch,… once cut off,… it withers.

    Consider The Delusion,… These Kingdoms are Dominions, of Perception!

    We have believed that we are ALREADY ALIVE, and that from this height we must FALL! What a Fall!

    The GOOD NEWS is,… We have been given our First taste of Consciousness, ALREADY FALLEN,…

    FOR WE ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD! ALL We need do is,… RISE UP in Obedience,… as We HEAR His Voice!


    However We Are Not MERELY to Born as MERE MEN!,… But As We Gain Understanding,.. We shall BEAR HIS LIKENESS, in THE GREATNESS of HIS SON, as We are RESURRECTED!






    Therefore Life’s,… Purpose, is to Be “Made Alive. Therefore it is From “Spiritual Death, that we shall RISE, as we are brought to Full Maturity likened unto The Father.

    Therefore as we are being,… “Developed Through This “Womb“ of Experience“,…we are being Formed.
    We are being Spiritually Nurtured as we “Walk in Conversation,” according to The Fathers Will.

    We are given “The Way” back unto the Truth, as we “Come to Know Him.“ In This Way, we are “Reinstating Our Awareness” about Our “True Nature.”

    Therefore by our Acknowledgement of The Father, through The Son,… We are Transformed, as we Grow up in Our Minds,… unto the full Maturation,…of The Father. In This Way we are “Born Again“, unto” Our Former State of Being,…that is Our True Eternal Nature.

    I Reiterate,…Consider The Delusion,… These Kingdoms are Dominions, of Perception!

    Therefore we are not,… what we shall be,…by merely having been birthed through a “Natural womb, to appear to have life,… grow old and die. But rather, that we “Grow up” Through Spiritual Understanding to be “Conformed” in our Minds while still yet within The Womb of Creation!

    Therefore We are to Understand that “To Rise up from Our Present State of Mind, we need to Make amends with Our adversary.

    Moreover, your Present Day Adversary is indeed merely,… “Your own Darkened Mind,”…for you do not see Christ as he is. Your desire is to strive in the flesh,… you seek to Glory in it.

    The flesh “Appears” to have power, but not unto attaining,…The Spiritual “Awareness of Mind,” or “Mastery” that leads unto “Eternal life“,…for the wages of Sin, is death;

    Therefore The Mind that receives ,The Light of truth,… is to Obtain an Incorruptible Crown,… That is to be “Made Whole,” and In “The Right State of Mind!”

    I Reiterate,…For to have been given,… the Mind of The Father,… Is the Sons inheritance!

    For the Father has “Borne” all things for all eternity, and thus The Promise for the Son was that All things would be given,… Reinstated!

    Thus before anything was,…There was The Father,… The Fullness of what is Eternally True within his being!

    I Implore you to understand, The word “Sacrifice,” bears Greater meaning, and is deserving of a Greater Glory, and Regard…than it is usually given.

    The Greater sense of The Sacrifice, is The Fathers Wisdom in the ability to, Create from Spirit, by confounding the mind, through divisiveness!

    Understand, When The Father spoke his Commandment, Light Be! This same Word, which is,… Sharper than any two edged Sword,… Created a, “Fault” a division between what was , and what is.

    The Word of The Father, originates from a Spiritual Medium, and is “Manifest” as The Light of Physical being!

    By Creating an Image,… this Image, becomes that which “Redirects our sense of being“. Indeed this Image steals away from One Glory, and shifts the attention over to a lesser Glory.

    This New sense of being thus induces a Delusional sense or need for, self Glorification. An Image compels the Mind to “Presume” upon itself,… to Follow and trust,… What is Seen,… a kind of physical Indoctrination, without any regard for Actual Spiritual Understanding about its true purpose.


    If I were to hold a blank sheet of plain white paper before your eyes, and ask you to describe it,… the only answer one could perceive to give is, what one has observed.

    However if I were to place a “MARK” upon this same sheet of paper, and ask the same question, the focus is shifted; for your brain is redirected upon this “MARK“, rendering the entire backdrop less apparent, even neglected.

    I am referring now to “Image Worship,” (Greek;1495 eidololatreia, Idolatry)

    The Message of Light,… “Superimposed,”… Upon spirit,… Thus Stealing Away The Glory!

    Through the Blinding of the Mind! (Greek;1909 epi, ep-ee;)

    Therefore The Father,… is a “Living Sacrifice,”… perpetually “Giving Over,” The “Invisible Qualities” of his being,… ; that is to say,… “The Sacrifice of his Spiritual,…“Sovereignty!”

    Therefore God has “Cast” the “Invisible Qualities” of his being, into a medium of “Apparition“. The Light of,…Self Revelation!

    This Casting, or throwing down is a “Self Immolation!”… This Division brought forth,… from what was an Indivisible Entity,… The Appearance of The Son,… Who is,… “The Express Image of The Father“. The Word,… “Son,” simply means,… “To Build.”

    What is The Father Building,…A House, …The Father is Erecting a House, through the lineage of his Son; even his ”Namesake“ ; Therefore when The Father spoke The Proclamation, I AM! or Light be!,…This Is likened unto, “One Traveling from One Kingdom,… into another, thus Entering a “Foreign land!

    Moreover This(Incorruptible) Spiritual, traveler, not only traveled from his own Kingdom of Dominion, but was transformed in All Appearances, and became (Corruptible) Flesh, likened unto this New Kingdom of Dominion!

    (Hebrew; AM; hayah; To exist, be, or become, come to pass. A Beacon!
    Altogether, be ( -come, accomplished. Etc. etc….; Hebrew 1933, hava, havah; “To Breathe,”: To be in Existence.)

    This Self Proclaimed Revelation,” has been accomplished, through the lineage of His Son! Therefore through this,… “Channel of an Act” which originated from an Invisible “Dominion,”, was “The Way, Our Only Way, into this, “Visible Medium!“

    That is, “Through him“, even “The Son of his being,” We have,… Appeared also!

    This casting Down of The Word is a Subscription, a “Physical Rendering,… written “Beneath”, that which it is to Describe, about that which is Above.

    Therefore he that is from above,… from a Place, where he Knew No sin, hath visited to become Sin for us. That we may know him in our Time of need. While yet within This kingdom beneath his own dominion, a sign was placed above His Head, an ensign unto all Nations,… JESUS of NAZARETH THE KING of THE JEWS!

    In this case it is an agreement to “Come forth to be Exposed to Infamy, Sacrificed unto “Open shame, and suffering even unto death! (Greek; 3856 Paradeigmatizo)

    The “Righteousness,” of The Father, manifest through, His Image,… his own Son, regarding, what was hidden within the heart of God.

    John:19:11: Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.

    Therefore it was for The purpose of The Father, that he was made to suffer; that He bare all of our iniquity upon himself! Moreover,… The Author of life, has answered for Our suffering, in the same way, suffering together with us,… and yet is without Sin.

    Isaiah:43:19: Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

    A Message of Living Light Seen as “Evident!,…his Love Plainly stated, His Love made very “Apparent“, written across The Heavens as shining works, and deeds!

    Moreover Jesus Christ,… The Perfect example of Living Sacrifice, was and is,… The Transformed Word of The Living God. He was Manifest a “Living Message “ and IN THIS WAY has ENTERED into this,… “Earthly Kingdom,…that is,… “The Temple House“,.. even This,… Greater Body of being!

    Heb:10:16: This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them:10:17: And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more:10:18: Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin:10:19: Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus :10:20: By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh :10:21: And having an high priest over the house of God;

    The word “consecration, is an Spiritual an “Apparatus“,… a means of assuring the Healing of this, “His Greater body of Being!” We have “Appeared within Jesus suffering body. This body of being, is collectively the generations of mankind. This body has been subjected to the “Fires of Hell.”

    The Word “Hell,” in the Hebraic tongue, (she’owl Hadace 7585); the world of the Dead.) including its accessories and inmates (Captives) grave, hell, pit. (for you have been already brought into his DEATH, and BURIAL!)

    Another reference to “Hell,” sha’al sha’el; To ASK,…That is to inquire, or request,… even to demand
    Through Suffering, an accountability of “Self.” That is to realize, through an indoctrination into Understanding we are not to live “Apart from Our Former State of Being (Mind) no longer.

    Again this Body of being is a trial, through The Light of Being,… A trial by Fire. Not unto a “Fire” that burns in the sense of Crisping flesh, but rather in the sense of “ a light of Revealing ones weakness through while within The Clear Heat of The Day,…that stirs The Passion of the Flesh,…to educe, a Spiritual attitude or testimony regarding Who The Father isWe Are,The truth about who The Father is, and his purpose.

    Greek elikrinea; 1506, Clear-ness Purity (SINCERITY )1506 elikrines; HEILE; meaning,… (THE SUNS RAYS!)

    2919 Krino (JUDGED BY SUNLIGHT!) AS THEY ARE SENTENCED TO THINK! To distinguish , or Decide…, To Try one through condemnation, judgment , or damnation to again to decree or determine if one be Genuine, Pure, and Sincere towards The Father!

    Understand this is a (Similitude) of The Fathers plan of reconciliation through redemption. Jesus The First and only begotten Son of God, was a sacrifice first to “Expose” The truth of God, by putting on a Garment or Mantle of Light.

    In this case it is an agreement to “Come forth to be Exposed to Infamy, Sacrificed unto “Open shame, and suffering even unto death! (Greek; 3856 Paradeigmatizo)

    Therefore we exist within a (Theatridzo) meaning,… “Theatre, or “Gazing stock” A Body that has been executed,… To” Make Known” by (Greek Phemi “Fame”) and Expose all that was Evil, unto The Light of Conscious being for “The Judgment of Men’s Hearts,” while made subject unto suffering.

    This (WOMB) that we are being birthed through, is a Body that has been subjected to Death. Consider this, a body consisting of enumerable constituent parts,

    Thus having been made flesh to do his Fathers Will, unto Death upon The Cross,… gave up, this lesser, Body of Being,… In Himself stripped The Power of Sin Away, from The principalities that held those who walk in darkness, Captive.

    For The World might see his Righteousness in going to the Cross, in that he suffered as we suffer within him. And after having accomplished,… the Will of The Father according to this (lesser task),… he was then,…To be taken Up, Ascended, unto and is,…“The Greater body of Being,” The priest on High interceding, through The Veil that has been rent for those who have Perceived His Presence!

    The Father, who is Both Spirit, and Light,… in his Manifold wisdom, is a Paradoxical Entity, an oxymoron, a “Living /Sacrifice“, Both , while” Appearing within The Light,…The Spirit is rendered unnoticeable,… Dead!“

    A Seed,… Buried in Darkness,…the Fruit therein is light,… awaiting fruition within The Field of The Faithful of Heart, and shall spring up, bursting forth unto for Life!

    The Provision therein this “Seed of life is The Fathers recommendation through The Son , unto all that will become The son”, is All things are “permissible, but not beneficial, However “Do not be “Mastered” by anything,…of The sacrificed body is Creation, all we need do is Follow this wisdom, and Be raised up as he is!

    I Further Reiterate,… For to have been given,… the Mind of The Father,… Is the Sons inheritance!

    And thus Shall be, and is The Wearer of The Garment of Creation!

    That is,… The Father has used Images,…even his Son,… to “Assimilate” his being; In His Manifold Wisdom, The Father‘s, ,… “Word was uttered,… and is manifest as “living Figures of Speech;

    Living Parables, or paradoxical messages, are in place simultaneously, for Creative Purposes; that is to Give place , for a medium of existence. A Womb,.. To deliver the true essence of “His Spiritual likeness” into the hearts of those who were predestined to receive the Lighted Truth, to know The Way Unto “Salvation at this hour;

    This is a “Similitude”,…an Earthly example,… that is,… “A Window,… Revealing,… Heavenly Events. That is,… All scripture is written to Indoctrinate and “Direct the Spiritually Minded,… to “Focus their Spiritual Awareness,” upon “A Greater Work that The Father is,… Still Speaking to “Nurture our Understanding” today.

    However,… Biblical scripture, is,… for those of,… “The Natural Mind“, merely,…“Earthly Events”… Mundane occurrences, throughout times past, that bear no relevance for them today.

    However, for the “Spiritually Minded,… They are again “Similitude’s,… condensed versions of “Conspicuous” works, experienced within this Earthly Kingdom,… that however, “allude” to a more “Profound, yet” inconspicuous work being accomplished in “Heavenly places“, over a “VAST” period of time!

    No one person,… can perceive of this,… “Greater Work”… as it is still being accomplished,… because “No One,“ person, is “Extant” long enough, to perceive it,… in its entirety!

    By example, The Great flood of Noah, is a “similitude, a Paradox. The Ark,… is constructed of Gopher wood; this simply means, “To House In,” a kind of Tree, even the Cypress.

    The resin, or pitch of this “Ark” is a Protectorate, however is Inflammable, likened unto sulphur, or brimstone.

    The Hope of The Salvation of mankind, and all life, is therefore Housed within a “Fortress or hedge of Protection. For The “Resin, or Blood of this Tree of Life that issues forth, is a fire that is upon The earth, and the inhabitants thereof!

    The elderly are the oldest and therefore, are the extremities, of the Braches that are most withered and thus are consumed, But the children born, in their place are that which keeps its vitality.

    Spiritually speaking,… we see an Evergreen Tree,” that is, perpetually on aflame,… “A burning bush that is not consumed,… by “The Rays of The Sun.” Because the roots thereof are nourished by The spiritual Will of the Father to “Keep It.”

    Consider this, a Vast dessert wilderness, laid waste by the heat of The Sun,… a Lone Bush stands out because it is still green and shimmering beneath the sun,… it is not consumed because it is deeply rooted into a hidden source of Water, or as in this,…Similitude,… You have stumbled upon an Oasis,…of The Fathers Spiritual Hidden Will.

    Therefore we have been brought before The father Hidden Will. We are at the Gateway of understanding.

    The Earth, is this Tree of life, Even the Cross! wherein, we and all living creatures, have been gathered to weather out the “Storm of suffering Great Affliction!’ The Affliction is “Will we allow ourselves to “Be made spiritually alive through understanding.

    This takes wisdom,… The Name of Adam, means “To Show Blood. The spiritual magnification of this First living entity is, to mean God Bled Out. That is God is Bleeding out unto silence, Dumbness. This means to be undone, to be dead silent!

    Therefore The “A’ in Adam denotes The Father, who is First,… in marriage to his faithful will,…which bring us to “Dam‘, which means Blood, as when shed leads to Death. Bloodshed, Great Drops of Blood.

    The word suffix, “dam, ”also means “Woman“. Therefore The Name “Adam” Spiritually means, that The father Bore his Spiritual Son through The Womb of Physical Creation!

    Therefore The Father, who is Absolute Spiritual Maturity, brought forth from his own body, that which he is married to Creation,… Therefore,…that which hath, “Appeared” bears “The Light of Beauty“, as compared to the Invisible Spirit.

    However Creation is to be an adverse Kingdom. An Adversary because the sons coming forth from the Earthly womb are not exposed to their Spiritual attributes still yet to be aroused in them,…meaning earthly mothers, by not revealing the Spiritual Father, merely birth,…“Sons of Men.”

    Thus as soon as they are born, they are again swallowed up by death! Knowing not their Spiritual Root unto an Eternal Father., and thus are never brought to fruition unto their Fathers Eternal Likeness.

    However upon closer inspection,…of the Light of beauty, that is Understanding,…The message of The Fathers righteousness,… a show of His Love,… brought Forth through a living sacrifice,…even his Son Jesus,… whose body is still Working Out Our salvation,…and would bear through this “Womb of Affliction, not merely flesh sons, but “A Spiritual Son,” in himself,… as each of us grows up and draws near to The father,… for Indoctrination into Son Ship, through wisdom that allows the Son to see his way through this, birthing Channel or chasm.

    Therefore likened unto a “Similitude, of Jesus, upon The Cross,… Creation, is a Thorn in The Side, or existing, even walking alongside The Pristine being of The Father. in the Greek,…(Paradeigmatizo) Meaning,… “Show Alongside,… Put to Open Shame,…An Exposure to Infamy,…to be Made A Public Example of!

    The Great drops of Blood that Jesus is bleeding out, are “Each and every one of us, that are born through the Wombs of our Natural Mothers. However we are not merely to regard ourselves as The Sons of Men, But we shall be Complete when we Realize Our spirituality, and that we shall finally bear The Likeness of Our Spiritual father through Spiritual Maturity inwardly!

    Therefore this kingdom is a Greater Body of being even Jesus upon The Cross, shedding his precious Blood even “Us all” as constituent parts of an indivisible Spiritual Body!

    The word Blood , also denotes “The Juice of the Grape, dripping down and collected for fermentation, until the whole entire wine bath is “Comes of Age.” That is The entire Body entering into a New Age of Joy of Spiritually Sober Understanding.

    Therefore The scripture that expresses God was, and is, and is still to come, is this Blood still pouring forth through his speech!

    We thus are Protected from The heat or wrath of The Father Judgment, because The perpetual birth of earth bound captives keeps the branches of this Tree of Life fresh and Green with youth

    However the storm therein this Kingdom is Lack of Understanding That we are truly Spiritual brethren still yet within The spiritual womb.

    When is this wound of perpetual Bleeding to be healed, who will stanch the flow of blood. It will be those who have understood The Call to standup in All spiritual strength, and height, that will Speak the light of truth into this Kingdom of Darkness. To re ignite the Truth unto the multitude of those not yet aroused from their drunkenness, and infatuation with Earthly glory.

    The Flood is the Pouring forth of The Fathers Spiritual Seed (Water) that is All of Mankind come forth.(An Indoctrination into Spiritual Son ship, through suffering)

    The Father foreknew, The Sinful Misbehavior, within The Womb of Creation would occur: For This Affliction of the brethren of mankind, is a Testing,… and Trial, and Judgment, within a “Storm of Intoxication. To ultimately bear his Spiritual likeness through this new Light of conscious being!

    The Storm is a (Similitude),for The “Battle of the kings of the Earth,” as they divide up the Earthly spoils, taken from this “Garment of Gods Provision for life.” The two older Brothers, Japheth, and Shem,… because they are older, and arrived first, have gathered unto themselves much of the Physical wealth.

    Shem, was given “The law” through Moses, and his descendants were in Bondage for 430 years, and have merely used The law to “Govern” the Vast Physical Earthly treasure, that he and Japheth have hoarded, under a Constitution of “legal Protection. Not based upon Righteousness, but on Fear , and greed.

    Meanwhile the younger brother Ham, and his descendants, having arrived late, were and are,… “By and Large,” left with the scraps, from the “Table of life,” the Lord has provided.

    Ham, and his descendants “Appear” accursed, but The Truth is, They have been “Raised up to be Poor in life, that They may be Rich toward God!

    The Blessings, of The father are upon all, for we are Manifest within this “Utterance,” However, the Blessing is received only for those who Understood The Speech.

    Consider The Host of all of mankind speaking before the entire congregation,.. And Beginning with,…I have given unto you “All Things,…and with this incomplete Proclamation, The two older brothers of Ham,… that is Japheth, and Shem,… suddenly begin, riotously hoarding up all of “The accoutrements of physical material wealth. If they would have waited to hear the rest of the Message, they would have “Heard and Understood,… it was to be “All Things Spiritual” that was to be delivered of The Father, Our Host’s Treasure, into their Hearts!

    2Thessolonians :2:3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition :2:4: Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God :2:5: Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? :2:6: And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
    2Th:2:7: For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way :2:8: And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming :2:9: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, :2:10: And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved :2:11: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie :2:12: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    We have been lead into Captivity. We have arrived in a kind of vehicle, that was, and is,… still being spoken; For Understanding, The Fathers Will,… for Many,… Is still to come!

    Understand, When The Father spoke his Commandment, Light Be! This same Word, which is sharper than any two edged sword, created a, “Fault” That is a division between what was , and what is.

    The Word of The Father, originates from a Spiritual Medium, and is “Manifest” as The Light of Physical being! This fault was a “Necessity“, as a kind of, “Cutting Away” from his Dominion, a Portion that will no longer have access to The Full Spiritual Maturity, it once enjoyed.
    This is a Kind of Beheading, or “Standing Without.” In this way, No Longer Having access to Single spiritual awareness of Mind, The Father shall beget those who desire him apart from his Holiness. An authentic experience of having been Cut Off, or away. The willingness of Jesus to do the Fathers will has delivered us together with the son into Bondage. To be subjected to unspeakable affliction,…That one may choose to Cry Out , form our present Burdensome state. Call Out sincerely desire to be more intimate with The author of our Lives.

    Joseph is a Similitude of Jesus, and it was Joseph that was “Sold into Bondage, Our spiritual Father Foreknew The wickedness that was to be “Revealed through an act of Per adventurous desire: An Intercourse,… Where the Spirit, gives itself over to an entirely other Nature!

    This courtship with Creation, was accomplished in a way to separate his Holiness, from that which was to be sacrificed.
    That it be,…“Nurtured and Raised” up,… Prophetically,… being given Exposure to, a “Pristine,” yet Foreign,… alien environment,… for a perfect “Faith Induced,… Indoctrination into “Son Ship” by the prognosticated ,Judgment of Cursing, meted out for Misbehavior,… and Blessings,… for the “Faithful.”

    The fulfillment of the promises by The Father, through complete Understanding!

    Therefore an exposure of what was hidden, has been wrought through him, for they were manifest in his dreams. They were Prophecies,… The “Will,” of The Father, “Made Manifest,“ to become Firm Reality!

    In the sense of a willing Intoxication, a lustful adventure, (Adams Deep sleep, Noah’s State of drunkenness as he was Uncovered, exposing his nakedness, Even Josephs Deliverance into Captivity, that lead all, his house into Captivity until the time of interpretation, were allowed by The Father,… for they were manifest in his dreams. They were Prophecies,… Again,…The will of The father made Manifest and to become firm reality!

    Thus God so Loved the world he gave his Only Begotten son,…To Give place,… that we may follow his Son into what “Appeared” to be a living consciousness,…By Faith we entered therein instead into his Death, and suffering, to purge away all unfruitfulness,… The Fire prunes away the withered growth, that was unfruitfulness,… to give place to the New branch,…and all subjected to this Flame that the whole be made more alive to become Greater than what he at first Appeared to be, since the beginning.

    This Greater Body of being,… is likened unto Pharaoh,…

    There is an hierarchy, within The Revelation or Spiritual disclosure, of what was , and is still being spoken by The Father. This Revelation, from the invisible qualities of “The Father“, are manifest, as a Kingdom. Therefore we are “Manifest,” as enumerable subjects, as “Constituents of a “Greater Body of Being. The Father “Raised up Pharaoh to be an “Affliction” to those who were subject to his body of being.

    Spiritually speaking Jesus, is this Body of Greatness. By the Word, of The Father,… That is sharper
    Than any two edged sword,… We have arrived within a kind of,… “Vehicle of his Will. However, this “Vehicle” is Become a “Physical Kingdom” again a Greater Body of Being.

    The Father‘s, “Revelation” utterance of,… “I Am,” is indeed “A Proclamation” or disclosure, of who we are, while still yet, within his being. Therefore, we have arrived, that is, we have been made to “Travel, or Traverse, from “One state of being,(Spirit) and Manifest in another (Flesh).

    The “Proclamation,…”I AM,”,… is likened unto, “One who Travels into a “Foreign Land, and thus is a Stranger with in! Therefore, From “One“,… “Our Spiritual Father would beget a “Great Many sons, bear them through “A Greater Body of Being that is His First Only Begotten son, as we are “Tested Beneath,… made subject, within This Kingdom of “Affliction!”

    Therefore Jesus is Pharaoh, which also denotes, that this New Kingdom is a kind of “Piercing of The Fathers side. “A Great TRESSPASS!,…A thorn if you will. This physical Kingdom is an “Encampment,” of “Foreigners, that is “Fleshly Beings,” existing “Alongside” in the Greek,…(Paradeigmatizo) Meaning,… “Show Alongside,… Put to Open Shame,…An Exposure to Infamy,…to be Made A Public Example of!

    Therefore being made flesh, We are no longer like him, who is spirit, therefore we have arrived unto death, just as a “seed must be Buried to release the meat therein, the flesh, must be discarded to reveal that we are spirit, and thus being released from the binding of the flesh, the many are thus “Resurrected “ as “One!”

    Therefore, as we “Appear Now,… We are a “Wound,… a Kind of Leprous “Bright Spot” a Body of Condemnation unto Death, while Manifest Subjects in bondage, and “Appearing as Against or Enemies of “The “Pristine Holiness of The Fathers Invisible Eternal Kingdom!

    We Therefore are Manifest UPON THE CROSS of SUFFERING WITH JESUS, the CONSTITUENCY, of HIS BODY,… BAPTIZED INTO HIS DEATH ,BURIAL, like Bondservants, an Erection of his Image!

    The Word is likened unto “Phantasma, or Spectre, for we exist, within his Image, or Spiritual Body.
    Which means,… To “Appear” to have been made very “Apparent” The “Spectacle of The Cross,… A luminous Body of Light, where we have been, “Sentenced to Think”, that is to contemplate, Our very Nature of being.

    Therefore we exist within a (Theatridzo) meaning,… “Theatre, or “Gazing stock” A Body that has been executed,… To” Make Known” by (Greek Phemi “Fame”) and Expose all that was Evil, unto The Light of Conscious being for “The Judgment of Men’s Hearts,” while made subject unto suffering.

    Therefore Joseph,… a (Similitude, or Surname) for what Jesus is Still “Working Out,” within this,… “His Greater Body of being“,…was the,… “Host of their Suffering“,… for it was Joseph that invited, or Lead them into Egypt,… Into Captivity,… Strangers within a strange Land,…“Under New Law,…” even a Body of condemnation,… Under Pharaoh, and Famine!

    Genesis 37:2 Joseph was tasked with spying on his Brethren, He reported to The Father, and Brought to Light, the evil behavior of his brethren.

    Jesus was tasked to expose all of our sins, Thus Creation is a boundless Theatrical, Expose, a Gazing-stock. Where all accusation, and judgment take place. For we are exposed within “The Clear Heat,… Beneath The Rays of The Sun.

    Indeed, the fruit of our life’s entire pursuit, is the evidence, or the answer as to whether or not we would have a sincere heart toward The father through his Sons suffering! For those that seek The Father have been given Understanding, and the knowledge of his presence which is a “Inward Splendor!”

    A Double Portion, that is while still yet in the body, they have Received The Light of Truth, unto their Hearts, (The Mind of The Father) Thus They Perceive What This Kingdom actually is.

    As Jesus, has “Wrought” in his body,… The Congregation of all who would ever be Called Forth throughout eternity,… A constituency therein, as we are born through the wombs of women,… have Arrived with Jesus, fallen into Our companionship

    Death has no more Hold, on us, for we have begun in it, “Hell Has no meaning,…Except for its denominative Purpose,… a Judgment, A House of Affliction, a weigh station of Men’s Hearts,… whether they rather continue meditating upon the physical burning desires of the flesh,… or that they through suffering the misdeeds of the flesh, cry out against the embodiment of The flesh and all of its deceitfulness!

    End part 1

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