All right, so today is my 26th birthday. In honor of the 26th year since I popped out of my mom, I’m going to post the top 26 things I’ve learned since March 9, 2009.

Just kidding. How about the top 5?

  1. I love practical theology. I’m not really into vast, abstract theological debates; I want to know how the wisdom of God’s Word should affect the way you and I interpret and respond to the people and circumstances we face every day.
  2. It’s okay to call hard times suffering. Sure, you’re not dying of cancer while being tortured for your faith. That doesn’t mean that the hardship you’re going through isn’t a form of suffering. Suffering can take milder forms, too. If you recognize it as suffering, that will unlock an enormous storehouse of biblical wisdom to guide you through your trial.
  3. Not many people want Jesus as Lord. Even many professing Christians refuse to allow Jesus to have total control over their lives. We hold ourselves back from him. We want to represent ourselves, seeking our own sinful cravings and “needs,” rather than representing him to the world and seeking his will.
  4. Everybody’s got trust issues. None of us are very good at trusting God. Also, many of us aren’t very good at trusting people because we aren’t very good at trusting God. If you see that he is trustworthy, you will trust him in everything.
  5. Knowing Jesus Christ is the most important thing ever. If you don’t know him, you have nothing. If you know him, you have everything. Your dreams and ambitions are boring and too small. Press on to know Christ better.

On another note, I changed my blog design to hopefully look nicer. I might tweak it a little, but it’s definitely an improvement.