Check this out! A British gal apparently came up with the great idea of combining nanny care with a nursery, thus giving birth to The Nannery.  She even copyrighted the name!  (Can she do that?)  After my sister Rebecca pointed me to this marvel, I thought it might be a good idea to send the proprietor a friendly email inquiring about her child care facilities, so I sat down at my computer this afternoon and wrote her.

Hi, I couldn’t help but notice your neat-o child care organization called The Nannery. I think that is a great name—in fact, one of the best I can think of. I bet it would be kind of fun to run a child care facility, especially one of such a high caliber as yours. But if it ever gets boring for you, I was wondering if I could call dibs on buying The Nannery. Would that be possible? I do have a few changes in mind. First, I would like an all-natural shelter in which the children can play; perhaps a shelter dug into the side of a hill would work. If so, I would rename it Dave Nannery’s Cave Nannery to add a personal touch and an earthy flavor. Let me know what you think!

Best regards,

Dave Nannery

I eagerly await a response, and I will keep you all updated.