Here’s a song I’ve been working on.  It’s based on Ecclesiastes 12:1-8, which details in poetic fashion how your body falls apart and then you die.  Quite the pick-me-up.  Great for Christian radio.

End of a world
Evil days
Sun, moon, and every star go out
Heavens hid behind the shroud
The skies have worn away
There at the end

Of a world
Years of pain
Through windows fading, dimly see
Clouds assemble solemnly
Where youth had spent their rain
There at the end

So the silver cord
Is severed by the hand that weaved it whole
Broken by Him
Who breaks the golden bowl
And shattered lies
The pitcher by the weary well run dry
Vain are the words
The mourners wail and cry

End of a world
Fleeting breath
And dust returns to earth and grave
Spirit goes to God who gave
All life dispelled in death
There at the end

If you want an idea of the tune, it’s based on the one here, beginning at 0:27.