Just as an update (I know most of you were breathlessly waiting):  my car window has officially been replaced.  The Menards window (i.e. plastic sheet) that served as a stopgap against the elements is now languishing in a trash can somewhere inside Auto Glass Experts on Earl Avenue.  It’s too bad…it was a well-constructed work of art installed by yours truly, with much help from Jared, the crown prince of jury-rigging.  On the plus side, it’s nice to be able to see clearly through my window again.

Now to wait until my new cell phone comes in…(my current one broke this week).  Buying electronics off of eBay is like researching on Wikipedia…you never know whether what you’re getting is good stuff or crap.  So I recommend getting a warranty from SquareTrade.  They’re reimbursing me entirely for my old eBay phone!  Which is good.