Okay, it’s finally time to get around to the meme that seems to be all the rage among my friends’ blogs now. (It’s Janet’s fault, of course.) So here is my entry, two days later than originally promised (sorry).

  1. I love cold weather. For years, I debated this question: which is better—to walk into a cool house on a hot day or to walk into a warm house on a cold day? I finally decided this year that the latter is better. Why? Four reasons. First of all, I spent seven years in Canada, so I’ve developed an appreciation and nostalgia for cold weather. Second, I sweat a lot. Third, it’s pretty manly to “tough” the cold weather, whereas there’s nothing manly about being outside in the heat. Finally, when you walk into a warm room, it’s like putting on a soft, heavy winter coat or getting a warm hug (a manly hug, if I must say that to preserve any shred of manliness I have left). My main confrontations with cold weather take place during my morning run; I love a good cold weather run. The best ones are when, halfway through the run, you’re not sure whether you’ll make it out alive. Then you feel liquid dripping into your mouth, and you realize it’s your snot, and your nose has been running but you couldn’t feel it because your face is numb. Awesome.
  2. I’m awful at multitasking. I can’t study and listen to music I like at the same time. I can’t do anything else while talking on the phone…the person on the other end can always tell because I can’t focus on both tasks at once. The worst situations take place when I’m driving. It’s hard for me to drive and hold a thoughtful conversation at the same time. I also fail to notice most landmarks I drive by because I’m focused on the road, and that’s all I can keep my attention on. During driver’s ed, it was tough for me to learn all the little things that are now automatic (e.g. turn signals) because I was overwhelmed by all the different tasks I had to perform.
  3. I was valedictorian of my high school. I guess I kind of came out of nowhere since I was homeschooled through the eighth grade. (Most of the students in my high school had lived in Greenwood their whole lives and had grown up together.) Academics comes pretty naturally to me; I kind of feel bad for the salutatorian because she was a “grinder”—she studied hard to get where she was, while I would just waltz in and succeed. Even at college, I still got almost entirely A’s, though now I’ve forgotten most of what I learned. I would just roll on through, even though I didn’t know what was going on. Actually, that pretty much sums up most of my life. Anyway, for my valedictorian speech, I compared our high school to a stapler; the different parts of the stapler represented the different people involved in the school (teachers, administrators, parents, students, etc.). It was pretty weird, but most high school graduation speeches are mind-numbingly boring, so I guess it could have been worse. I remember that my English teacher had to encourage me to include thanks to God in it, which just goes to show how spiritually immature and ungrateful I was at the time.
  4. I like to write music. Most of my talent consists in writing lyrics; I have some musical abilities, but they’re nothing spectacular. I’ve actually posted a few songs I’ve written here on my blog. Ever since I picked up a little guitar, I’ve also worked on chords for my songs as well. They range from whimsical to joyful to thoughtful to depressing and disturbing. I’ve even performed one or two in church. If you ever want to hear a few, let me know…I’d be happy to play and sing them for you, though I admit I’d be really nervous…. 🙂
  5. I used to be quite the (video) gamer. This was back in high school, when I didn’t have many friends. The original PlayStation—those were my glory years. I especially loved RPGs (role-playing games). The ones that still stick with me include Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII, and Star Ocean: The Second Story. My favorite game ever is Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. Actually, I liked these games and their music so much that I bought the soundtracks for them…and I still listen to them. In fact, I even write lyrics to some of the tunes, which works out great—video game music is designed to be catchy though repetitive, which is perfect for finding a good tune. I hardly play games at all any more, though…Halo 1 and 2 were my last gasps. I still enjoy games if I do sit down and play them, but I don’t care enough to actually play them much.

Okay! There you go! Now I have to tag three people, which is hard because all my friends already tagged each other. I’ll tag: