I remember back as a kid in the early ’90s watching America’s Funniest Home Videos at my grandparents’ house. We could only watch it there because we got just one channel at our own house after several cougars climbed on the roof and knocked down our antenna and we couldn’t do anything about it because we were elsewhere in the forest fleeing from a herd of feral elk. Maybe.

Anyway, the point is that watching “AFV” (as they now call it in order to be…uh…”hip”) was a real treat. I loved the show. I couldn’t understand why my grandma kept complaining about how Bob Saget wasn’t funny. I thought he was great. However, I watched a rerun about a week ago…and quite frankly, it was painful to watch ol’ Bob. All the transitions between clips were really awkward and strained, and his voiceovers were like little metal bits digging into the synapses of my brain. Grandma was right and I was stupid.

I gotta say it: kids are stupid. I know I was. How could I have thought that Bob Saget was funny? Wow.

Anyway, ever since moving in to Cheeseborger’s house, I’ve watched a few reruns of AFV. The new host, Tom Bergeron, is…not unfunny. And that’s a step up. Quite frankly, I even laughed on occasion at his jokes. And when the clips start rolling, he basically says a few words and then lets the delightful slapstick comedy speak for itself. I appreciate that. I really do.

So despite the fact that the golden years are past in terms of network ratings, AFV is funnier than ever. Last night, I sat transfixed as a skateboarder fell down the side of a half pipe and lay on his back stunned, while his skateboard traveled up the other side, only to reverse course and return faithfully to its owner, gently smacking him in the groin.

Now comes the bad news: according to an occasionally reliable source, Tommy Boy will be replaced next season by…

Ricki Lake.


All good things must come to an end, I suppose. (Except Jesus.)