In the last week, I’ve found several programs and utilities that are proving indispensable for my new computer:

  • Eudora Mailbox Cleaner — Transferred my e-mails from my Windows copy of Thunderbird to Apple Mail.
  • Feisar iSync plugin — I bought the Sony Ericsson W300i plugin to sync my new cell phone’s address book with my Mac using Bluetooth.  (iSync doesn’t include a profile for the W300i.)  This beats the pants off of using a USB cord.
  • USB Overdrive — Allows me to program the buttons of my Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse so that they actually work properly.  (Logitech doesn’t make any Mac drivers.)
  • SizzlingKeys — Allows universal keyboard shortcuts for iTunes.  In combination with USB Overdrive, now I can get my mouse buttons to properly control iTunes, no matter what program I’m using — I simply assign the mouse buttons to these shortcuts.  SizzlingKeys also pops up a transparent notice whenever a new track comes on, which is pretty snazzy looking.
  • Mail Act-On — I was seriously debating whether to dump Apple’s Mail program since it doesn’t allow me to write HTML e-mails (with bulleted lists, etc.) and has been involved in the suspicious disappearance of some of my e-mails.  However, this utility is really sweet and has probably tipped the scales in Mail’s favor.  It allows me to hit a hotkey [`], then any other key to which I have assigned a rule.  For example, I hit [`] and then [k] to move a selected message to the “KSBC” folder.  This is a godsend for when I need to use the trackpad and struggle to drag e-mails to the right folder.
  • Mail.appetizer — Displays pop-up notifications when new e-mails arrive.  The nice thing is that it shows a picture of the sender, too, if I’ve put one in my address book.
  • Firefox — Duh!  Windows users should have this browser installed, too!  Apple’s Safari browser is too bare-bones…though it does have the advantage of handling PDF files in-browser, which Firefox can’t do on Intel Macs….

Just thought you’d like to know!