Okay, three new purchases this week. I’m geekin’ out about them.

  • Apple MacBook – the prices dropped on Tuesday due to a hardware upgrade, and the church increased our laptop funds, so I’m getting this (and associated software and printer/scanner/copier) for free! (With Purdue academic discount.) Woohoo!
  • Sony Ericsson W300i cell phone – the Haiti group didn’t have my old cell. After a final search of the house, I gave up and bought a new phone on eBay (Cingular wouldn’t give me any discounts). The silver lining is that after three months with my old phone, I know what features really matter to me. I’m glad to be getting a flip phone — I hated having to remember to lock the keypad, and it was harder to talk on a dinky candy bar phone.
  • Bumbakpak Hamptons Obsidian Black – a hybrid messenger bag/backpack that will hold my laptop and fit my campus and church office needs a lot better than my current backpack. My parents are getting this for me as a belated yet sweet birthday present.


Anyway, while Ben and I were trying to convince Jesse to buy a Mac, I was able to turn to the Bible and get some good advice. The Bible details the agony of the PC’s viruses, system crashes, and blue screen of death by saying, “Death has come up into our Windows,” (Jeremiah 9:21). It also speaks of the well-designed, it-just-works Mac OS X when it says, “Refresh me with Apples” (Song of Solomon 2:5).

Hey, if Joel Osteen can cherry-pick and twist his verses, so can I.