I’ve begun reading Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald in preparation for the summer Institute class I’ll be co-teaching. I’ve only read a few chapters so far, but up until today, I actually found the book kind of annoying. MacDonald writes in a very conversational style, so a lot of times, I feel like I’m in one of those conversations where the other person is yammering on and on…and when you try to say something, they don’t really listen. (Of course, I’m sure this style of writing appeals to a lot of people…it’s a less “intellectual” book than one written by, say, Piper.) Also, MacDonald tends to quote statistics a lot, and sometimes they’re kind of pointless.

However, I had the pleasure of reading his chapter on covetousness today. It was insightful, powerful, and challenging. Sure, MacDonald continued his conversational style, and yes, he continued to rattle off statistics. But this time, it was a confronting conversation, and the statistics actually did a good job supporting his point. Maybe some of this is because covetousness is an attitude I struggle with more. Regardless, it was a real blessing to read this chapter…moreover, I’ll be teaching out of it in late June. I love teaching about things that get me excited.