Yesterday’s post on Job reminded me of a song I’d written…this is one that I think turned out pretty well. The idea came from one of Pastor’s sermons where he told us to marvel at the beauty of Jesus. I wanted to use poetic language to describe it, rather than simply saying, “Jesus is beautiful,” because I feel like too often such a phrase merely becomes a soundbite — what do we mean when we say Jesus is beautiful? Why don’t we try to paint a picture, no matter how inadequate, of His beauty? Naturally, I drew from creation, an unmistakable display of His glory (according to God in the book of Job).

The Beauty of Jesus

The beauty of Jesus no tongue can express
Nor mind can invest in a song.
No radiant dawn nor the flame in the west
Would capture a splendor this strong.
How vivid the daybreak He brings to the earth—
His hope from the blood of the night!
And morning will gather the sons of rebirth
To glory in Majesty’s light.

The wealth of the stars in the chasm of space
Would sing of His glorious might,
Each heavenly herald in harmony trace
A chorus of flame in the night.
Though host beyond number should thunder His praise
With angels assisting the throng,
He’d silence the universe by what He’d raise—
An anthem of Majesty’s song.

May river and ocean His glory proclaim
And deep call to deep with a roar:
The word of the Lord and the pow’r of His name
Shall one day His kingdom restore!
O you who are broken and weary of strife,
Arise, in our Savior rejoice!
Come, kneel on the shore of the river of life,
And drink of His comforting voice.