Original KSBC buildingI snagged this photo from the office waiting area…I believe this is the original building (formerly a tavern) where Kossuth Street Baptist Church met. Over the years, the church has expanded from this foundation. Believe it or not, this building is still incorporated into the church — it’s become part of the office area along 29th Street. Anyway, I thought it was a nice piece of history. FYI, here’s what the sign next to the door says (as best as I can tell):

Kossuth St Baptist Church

Sunday School 9:30 AM
Worship 10:45 AM
Young People 6:15 PM
Evening Service 7:30 PM
Prayer & Bible Study 7:30 PM

You are Welcome

Baden K. Rowe 100 S 25th
Phone ???

I think it’s interesting how “Bible Believing Baptists” is emphasized over the name of the church. Our church became a part of the GARBC soon after it was founded. If I remember correctly, the GARBC itself had split off from the American Baptist Convention, which had become unbiblical in its theology and practice. So while “Bible Believing Baptist” is synonymous in my mind with wild-eyed KJV-only Fundamentalism, it was actually an important distinction at the time. Of course, we’re not in the GARBC anymore, but we remain Bible-believing Baptists — just not the wild-eyed kind.