Good news!

Old license plateYou know those lame-o, pastel green Indiana license plates that have been plaguing our cars for the last four years? They’re going the way of the dinosaur. I read in the Journal and Courier this morning that the Indiana BMV website is hosting an online vote that will allow you, dear citizen, to select the next Hoosier license plate design. Granted, I have my suspicions that online polling may not be very reliable, but this should be a fun exercise in civic pride. Way to go, Indiana! Let’s look at the contestants:

  1. License plate design #1 I like this one. The state flag is featured prominently here, and because it’s displayed diagonally, with textured fabric, it looks very dynamic. It’s aesthetically pleasing. The blue and yellow are bold and crisp. The plate doesn’t look too busy overall.
  2. License plate design #2Design #2 reminds me of design #1 — if you took away everything that made #1 so good. Look at it! A pale, sickly blue hides the dull yellow of a plain-ol’ flag logo. Boring! Even Indiana isn’t this lame. (I’m thinking Delaware or some other state no one cares about.)
  3. License plate design #3Man, I have a love-hate relationship with this one. On the one hand, it’s simple, it’s retro, and it doesn’t try to be flashy. It’s very Hoosier in that respect. But on the other hand…it’s boring. And I’m not big into retro…why resurrect old fashions that went out of style for a reason? Let’s press on toward the future at the risk of looking flashy.
  4. License plate design #4Now we’re talking! Sure, the flag no longer looks edgy and dynamic, but the navy blue is back. Plus, the state seal is here, too! And it’s got a buffalo on it! And a woodsman! How crazy is that!

I guess it’s important to know what our standards are for license plates. I think we shouldn’t bother trying to impress other states with our plates because, come on, who actually cares? Let’s get an interesting plate that gives us something to look at when we’re stuck behind the car in front of us at a red light and we want to turn right, but noooo, the car in front of us wants to go straight, so we have to wait until the light turns green before we can make the right-hand turn which we would have been able to make if the guy in front of us had even had the slightest shred of decency to turn right like we wanted to do.

So I just voted for #4 (though I like #1, too). I am the 22,818th Hoosier to vote — go cast your vote, too, and participate in the glorious chaos that is democracy!