In a post of unprecedented length, Jason has summarized our New Orleans trip that we took over spring break. It’s a good picture of what went on. A few highlights of the trip for me were:

  • The fire drill at 6:00 am Monday morning. We had arrived at 1:00 am the same morning, so we would easily have slept right through the faint buzz that turned out to be the fire alarm. Fortunately, they had told us about it ahead of time, so we were ready. The three days from Saturday to Monday felt like one long day due to a lack of quality sleep.
  • The guys’ showers, which were not heated for the first half of the week. The water was very literally ice cold. When we were granted access to hot showers on Wednesday, it was like heaven.
  • The massive nest of cockroaches in the old lady’s house. I killed a few with my hammer and a few with a rusty, dull kitchen knife that had been lying around. The rest scurried off to greener pastures (probably the house of the lady next door who wouldn’t let us use her bathroom).