One of the many themes I’m finding in Ephesians chapter 1 is the fact that our salvation is intended as a means to God being praised for His glory:

He predestined us for adoption…to the praise of his glorious grace. (vv. 5-6)
In him we have obtained an inheritance…so that we who were the first to hope in Christ might be to the praise of his glory. (vv. 11-12)
In him you also…were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit…to the praise of his glory. (vv. 13-14)

I suppose I’ve heard it a hundred times that God works for His glory, but it’s an important thing to remember. Even our salvation took place so that God can show how glorious His grace is. Ephesians seems to talk a lot about the unbelievable treasures we have in Christ; it would be easy to lose focus and to forget that we receive these so that we might praise God.

Clearly, I need to start praising God more instead of letting these riches go to waste. I suppose a great way to do that would be to (gasp) talk about what God has been teaching me. It’s kind of weird…I feel with many fellow Christians as though talking about spiritual things is “off limits” except when we’re in small group, church, etc. God forbid that we talk about what is most valuable and precious to us — the one thing we have in common as a family. My roommate Mike and I recently discussed how silly it is to think we can be bold in declaring the truth of the gospel to unbelievers when we won’t even discuss it among believers.

I’m going to try it tonight at HOOT. We’ll see how it goes. (Holding it up to God in prayer, of course.)